Payroll is an important activity in any organization. With PayPro it is possible to maximize the potential of HR and Accounts through timely and accurate Salary Processing, efficient handling of Reimbursements, Loans & Advances and statutory requirements including all PF , ESI and TDS reports


PayPro has been designed by professionals with a thorough understanding of the complex needs of Payroll & Statutory requirements. Development was done with an in-house team with the consultation of chartered accountants. The package caters to the comprehensive requirement of payroll department


The PayPro System can process very quickly and efficiently. The PayPro has an powerful organizational structure as applicable in your organization. It can handle multiple companies, multiple branches, multiple locations, different salary structure under a single location. It can also create multiple grades, designations, category etc. Powerful reporting tool lets you export all reports to excel format

Regularly Updated

PayPro is updated regularly to keep up with the govt. regulations

Easy, Friendlty Operation

PayPro System has a unique open architecture as a result of using standard industry development tools such as Visual Basic™. The Windows Graphical User Interface helps simplify data entry, management inquiries and reporting. The simple user interfaces also makes learning and using the system easy and quick. Using any combination of keyboard or mouse, the user can easily enter any data into the system and retrieve all the information easily, quickly and efficiently.

Highly Configurable

PayPro is a very user-friendly and comprehensive Payroll solution. It is highly parameterized, so it can be configured to suit any organization. Unlimited and user defined earnings & Deduction heading. It lets you to create your own business logic for earnings & deductions using formulas & slabs and rules. You can also define weakly / Public Holidays